Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall Clearance

Fall Clearances are everywhere. If you’re a big fan of retail therapy, as am I, this is great news. But there’s another kind of Fall Clearance that offers big rewards with an even smaller price tag. This is the energy-busting kind. Autumn is the time of year when energy becomes denser and less mobile. In other words, it’s the time of year when things begin to get stuck.

Time for a space clearing.

There are a number of ways to do this. Sea salt (not table salt) is like a magnet for the yucky vibe. A bowl of sea salt in the middle of a room, and/or in the four corners of a bigger room, will absorb any negative energy. Leave in place for twenty-four hours, upon which time the salt must be collected and disposed of. Never pour the salt down a drain or toilet, however. The unwanted energy will be released into your plumbing - and your plumbing reflects your prosperity. It’s best to throw the “used” salt into the ocean where it will be instantly restored to its former self. Of course this is not possible for the majority of us, so the next best thing is to secure the salt in a biodegradable bag (like paper) and dispose of it in the trash.

Another widely used technique for space clearing is with burning sage. This is a dried herb, usually in a small branch, that when lit, draws out the denser energies and disintegrates them within the smoke. The scent it potent, however, so if you don’t want your space to smell like a Grateful Dead concert, this technique may not be for you. I had to warn my neighbors that I was not a delinquent mother of three, just into space clearing. I still don’t think they believe me.

A third way to clear space is with rubbing alcohol, sea salt and fire. This is as dangerous as it sounds. And should not be attempted with small children, pets, or loose hair in the room. With a Pyrex bowl on top of a trivet or metal cookie sheet, fill container with one to two inches of sea salt. Pour rubbing alcohol over the salt until it is saturated. Then with great caution - and curtains and hair out of the way – light a match (do not use a lighter) and drop it into the bowl. A small puff of flame will ignite, drawing in and burning up the negative energy of the room. If possible, close the windows and doors as well. It may take 2-5 minutes for the flame to die out – never leave the fire unattended – after which time the Pyrex bowl will be very hot, as will the burned-out salt. Wait until everything has cooled before disposing of the salt mixture as mentioned above (in a biodegradable bag, straight out to your trash.)

All three of these space-clearing techniques will work to shift and lighten the energy of a room. So if you’re looking for a Fall Clearance, without clearing your wallet, try one of them. Then we can get ready to hunker down for the Winter ahead.

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Caroline said...

I've heard that sage can also get rid of spirits who don't want to leave! When I moved into one NYC apartment where someone had died and the TV began going on and off repeatedly in the middle of the night, I got unnerved. But when I found the toilet seat up (and I was grieving the end of a relationship and had had no man in my apartment), I burned the sage. Never had a problem again. I feel like Ripley now, saying, "Believe it.....or not!"