Friday, September 4, 2009

The Kitchen Witch and why your Virgo man should fold the laundry

Virgo August 23 – September 23

Ruler is Mercury

Order is a Virgo’s middle name. These people aren’t soakers - they’ll scrub as long as it takes to get the job done. Cool, calm and collected, a Virgo would rather do than dream. This doesn’t mean that a Virgo isn’t imaginative. Quite the contrary. Their symbol is the Virgin; fertile and promising. Virgos are eager to work, especially if it involves the organizing, rearranging or folding of people, companies or countries.

A Virgo person is busy. With so many ingredients to read and so much clutter to clean, their quest for exactness in the world can be frustrating. Idle time is about as appealing as a sharp stick in the eye for this group. But quiet time for expanding inner space is the remedy they need to calm their nerves. Your Virgo friend won’t like waiting in line for your favorite yoga class, but insist that she come anyway because this kind of spiritual connection will ease much of her anxiety. (And then she can go home and put her cereal boxes in alphabetical order.)

On the outside, Virgos seem about as easy going as the Secret Service at an Inauguration. But give them time to assess (and count and reconfigure), and you’ll most likely uncover a shy charm behind their aviator sunglasses. Remember, they can't help the fact that they can't go to bed until their underwear is ironed. What if their pants blow off from a faulty seam while standing too close to the tracks just as the express train goes by? These things happen. And the Virgo knows it.

Let’s put it this way: if they were a toy, they’d be a worry doll.

Loyal and grounded, your Virgo man will open his heart once he’s measured the situation. But don’t play mind games with him. He doesn’t have time for that – not when there are so many gadgets to take apart and put back together again. His tailor is one of his saviors – a starched shirt and crisp suit will make his heart sing. And because the Virgo is a fixed Earth sign, browns and greens should be the first choice for his gift. Have you noticed that the Christmas tree is one of his favorite things in all the world? Why, you ask. Because controlling everything can be exhausting, but he’s no match for Mother Nature – and he’s smart enough to know it. So let him sneak out to his garden or sip green tea when his mood gets too hot. Sean Connery, Oliver Stone and Richard Gere are all Virgos. We’d bet the bank you’ll find hand sanitizer on them.

Gorgeous tips for the Virgo Woman.

If you don’t have a Kitchen Witch hanging in your kitchen already, well then, a) you’ve lost it or b) someone’s stolen it. Because you are the kitchen witches of the Zodiac. Herbs and tonics are your backyard (they’re growing in there too), which means you know exactly what to do to keep your skin glowing and your hair growing. We don’t mean to suggest that you’re the kind of girl who skips on shaving – you’d definitely rather see the forest in the trees, than on your legs, but you are one earthly chick. Deep rich browns and greens are your compatible colors. You’re impeccably dressed and always look ready to take on the world - under your fuzzy sweater, of course. Good texture and soft knits are your vice. But your jewelry is usually of fine lines and structure. You may be slow to give your heart over to a romantic partner, but that partner probably wont get sick very often – not with your homemade remedies and tenacious care-giving. Because snuggled up in a cashmere wrap, there’s simply no stopping you.