Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gorgeous tips for the Pisces Woman

Pisces February 18th – March 20

Ruled by Neptune

A Pisces swims through life choosing the path of least resistance. This is, after all, the sign of the fish. Yes, there are those who will attempt to swim upstream and these are the dissenters – reminding us that not everyone strives to paint between the lines. But it’s the rare Pisces who hasn’t learned to swim (which is dangerous! See: for help) and even then, they will move through life gracefully. Make no mistake. Along with their shimmering gills, a Pisces’ aura glitters just as bright.

These people are sensitive and prone to quick sharp outbursts. Well-connected to the spiritual realms (whether they know it or not), Pisces will benefit by taking sea salt baths on a regular basis. Accumulating negative energies is taxing on any human, but for the Pisces whose survival depends on freedom, it can set them up for a late night dip into drug and alcohol abuse. Remember that the artist is also the escapist. Much better to keep cosmically clean and use their magnificent psychic gifts for healing themselves and the world. Which they can no doubt do. Just take a look at what Michelangelo, George Washington and Dr. Suess have done for us.

Your Pisces man is sure to be intoxicating. He is both elusive and mysterious, which any girl knows make us weak at the knees. Whether he’s running healing centers or trust funds, he has the ability to charm the pants off of anyone (yes, we mean your pant(ie)s too) – so make sure his goals are lofty. Once he does profess his devotion to only you, don’t throw down the net. This man needs time alone to ponder the incoming tides. So let him loose once in a while. The way to keep a Pisces man most enchanted is not by acting needy or helpless, but by surprising him with exotic travels and romantic nights.
Gorgeous tips for the Pisces woman

Aquamarine is the gemstone for you, our every-appealing Pisces. You are the original mystical mermaid, from whom all others followed. No dress is too sparkling, no make-up too bright. Unless you’re in your deep blue mood - in which case you’ll slide into your most comfy clothes to ponder the great illusions of the world. Greens and blues are the obvious choice of color, but don’t neglect the lavenders and golds. The oceans are filled with every color of the spectrum, and so too should you be. Accentuate your curves with tight belts and tall heels. Layering longer hair or accessorizing short, will reflect the graceful flow that is inherently yours. Lead us into the bountiful and boundless future we see on the horizon, we’re ready to follow.