Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arugulas get in or not? Why you should take that ride with your Scorpio man.

Scorpio October 23 –November 22

Ruled by Pluto

Let’s start with this little tidbit: after mating, the female Scorpion kills the male.

We bring this up only to illustrate that like their reptile symbol, a Scorpio can also be, ah, let’s call it, passionate. The more intense the situation, the more alive they feel. Scorpios love to wear black and the younger set will often go Goth and read YA novels about vampires and pirates. Little wonder their birthdays fall around Halloween. If this sounds like someone you know (or are raising), we suggest you pick your battles. Scorpios keep their private life private and are willing to go to the extreme to keep it this way.

Because they can cause sharp emotional wounds, Scorpios can either destroy or inspire. If you have a Scorpio lover tread carefully and don’t ever betray him. It's probably a good idea to keep some dark chocolate or a handful of arugulas around too. Both of these will do wonders to sedate him. Your courageous feeding act will not go unrewarded. Scorpios are demanding but loyal, and they might even take you along for the ride if you’re equally committed – or have a great car. You might say that Scorpios are the volcanoes of the human landscape. Explosive and creative, magnificent and mysterious. And for all you Scorpios who are reading this and know where I live… I like you, I really really like you.

Your Scorpion man will put you through the test, but if you play along (and pass) he will be forever yours. Some Scorpio men will join a heavy metal band, others will choose to become a Navy Seal or a surgeon. Whatever their passion, “Extreme Courage” is their middle name. These men appreciate a great leather jacket and a Casablanca poster. They also love a great cigar. Be careful that the Scorpion man does not see you as prey, because no one stands a chance against those pinchers. And don’t be surprised if he keeps a harem of women around him, Scorpion men need to be worshiped. So if you don’t like it, well he probably won’t like you.

After he’s hit rock bottom – which Scorpions tend to do in any and all things – he will shed his skin and rise again as the Pheonix. If you still want him, this is a good time to put on your highest heels (Scorpion men love heels) and pounce. Oh. And there is one sure-fire way to lure the Scorpion man into your chambers (and because we like you so much we’ll tell you): Reggae. The rasta vibration is the Scorpion man’s escape and turns him to mush. Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are both examples of the mysterious Scorpion man.

Gorgeous tips for the Scorpio Woman. Enough is never enough for you, and you will pinch and destroy until you get what you want. Your lover, however, must never show signs of weakness (see first sentence) regardless of the fear sent coursing through his veins at your very touch. This same dichotomy lies in your style. You are the extremist. You should probably have two closets. One for your garter belts and velvet trench coats, and the other for your white yogananda robes. Whichever side of the spectrum you’re wearing today, however, you’re probably still in those heels.

Unlike the rest of the zodiac, a Scorpio has little need to strive for balance. It won't happen. Better to just figure out which side of the law you’re on today and wear it. This way, you stay happy and everyone around you stays alive. Jewelry is a staple and the bigger the bling the smaller your sting. Sharp angles and bold lines reflect your dangerous (okay fine, courageous) outlook on life. You might sport a tattoo or two, and it’s a rare Scorpio woman who doesn’t have at least her ears pierced (no need to elaborate, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Please.). Whoopi Goldberg, Demi Moore and Meg Ryan are amongst the most famous of you.

and ps. I like you.

why stripes and plaids scare your Libra man and you love hats

Libra September 23-October 23

Ruled by Venus

Libras coined the phrase, “Let me think about it.” They’re not procrastinating exactly, they’re just weighing their options. And weighing and weighing…. This is a balanced sign – their symbol is, after all, the Scales and they can be counted on for an unbiased opinion.

Wearing stripes with plaids isn’t creative to these people, it’s disconcerting. A Libra is interested in fairness and justice, and won’t be afraid to seek out either. Your Libra co-worker might make it a personal mission to negotiate fairer wages or better benefits. And your Libra sibling certainly won’t let you get away with a bigger slice of the pie, both those you eat and those you inherit. If you want a snappy answer, don’t go to a Libra (go find a Gemini – you’ll have a fifty percent chance he’s at home, and a fifty percent chance he’s telling you the truth).

You probably won’t meet your Libra man at a Linkin Park concert – unless he’s the band’s lawyer. Jimmy Carter and Mahatma Ghandi embody the careful, considerate characteristics of a man of this sign. These men like beautiful women - inside and out - and balanced environments are his natural resting place. He will have been drawn to your perfect features (yes, you have them), so don’t go all insecure on him now. This will only give him time to contemplate those features – and pores – some more, and really, where’s the good in that? When a Libra man gives you a complement, just take it - he’s already thought about it long and hard anyway. The best gift you can give your Libra man (right behind a vest –which is for some reason his most cherished article of clothing) is peace, so he’s either the least demanding man on the planet, or the most, depending on your number of children/friends in bands/drums.

John Lennon was a Libra, so was Christopher Reeve. The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, is another fine Libra. It’s safe to say that your Libra man will be fair in whatever partnership he enters into, which means he just might be marriage material (as long as you keep it plaid on plaid).

Gorgeous Tips for the Libra woman

Just because you yearn for partnership, doesn’t mean you’ll be barefoot and pregnant any time soon - at least without a proper pedicure. Although you make for the most gracious hostess, you will deliberate for days about what to serve. You are an impeccable dresser and your closet is full of haute couture and hats (your version of the vest). It’s lights on skirts, though. Libra women prefer the straight lines and clean cuts of pants. Your style is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine and whether you admit it or not, there’s a bit of the vain in you (but the good kind). Apple and ginger are two of your favorite scents, and greens and blues always make you feel in charge. You keep company right alongside some of the greatest beauties in the world; Brigitte Bardot, Gwyneth Paltrow and Catherine Deneuve to name a few.