Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Aries

Aries March 20 – April 20

Ruled by Mars

If they were a spice, Aries would be Cayenne pepper. These people are hot! And Victory is their middle name. Hand them a problem and they’ll figure it out – especially if it garners them personal accolades along the way. Simply put, Aries have no patience for losers. Don’t get me wrong - they won’t kick you when you’re down. Quite the contrary - they’ll be the first one to pull you up. Aries are born leaders who just happen to like to win. They also like Tuesdays and the number 9. And looking at themselves in the mirror. Particularly when they’re wearing red, which they tend to do. A lot.

Luckily, there is a way to keep these hot pepper people partially peaceful (sorry, it just came out this way). And here’s how: Take a giant step back and let them explode. Aries are as quick to simmer as they are to boil. By allowing them to meet their own needs first, they will then be ready to focus on others. Sound self-absorbed? Well it is. But this is how the Ram functions best and as long as you’re willing to wait for the eruption to pass, your devotion will be paid back in spades. An Aries will show you how to stand up for yourself because, frankly, they won’t hang around you very long if you can’t. So if you’re stuck with one, count your blessings; an Aries will give you plenty of opportunity to practice non-reaction. And this will set you up for untold riches in the future.

If your Aries man has had a bad day at work, let him tell you why as, uh, passionately as he needs to. Then ask him for a ride in his red Ferrari. It’s never a good idea to judge or belittle this man. Instead, just be there for him. Once he’s burned his bad mood out, he’ll be ready for a hug and, well - we don’t need to know what happens next. Always remember that under his flaming exterior, your Aries can be painfully insecure. Align yourself with him without clinging and he will be constantly excited by you. Letting him conquer you once in a while is a good idea too, and just might send off fireworks the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. Afterwards, ask him for another ride in his Ferrari. Trust us. And if you don’t, consider this: Marlon Brando, Russell Crowe and Warren Beatty are all Aries men.

Gorgeous tips for the Aries woman:

There isn’t a helpless female amongst you, o Lady of the Fire. Your style is powerful, classic and sometimes even severe. Simple, straight silhouettes tell the world that you’re never one to wallow in self-pity. Why waste time sulking when there are so many organizations to run? Not just a mother, you're the CEO of the family unit – who won't ever subscribe to the pj-all-day look. Red is your most active color, but for those of you who wish to tap into your softer side, pink will deliver – without smoldering your flame. And if black or white must be worn, red lingerie will keep your under-spirits burning bright. Remember, just because you’re one tough cookie, doesn’t make you any less love-able. You’re a gem. So when the right person comes along, let him in. You deserve it.

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io saturnalia! said...

Funny. I'm an Aries man living with an Aries woman (for more than five years, now). In fact, we have the same birthday (April 16).

Anyway, I like your blog (but, of course) I had to scroll right down to the "Aries" content.

Be well, and keep on rocking!