Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gorgeous tips for the Taurus woman-and how to take care of your Bull-ish man.

Taurus  April 20 – May 21

Ruled by Venus

Peaceful until provoked. This is the Bull. Give him room to graze, and he’ll let you live. Bother him, and he’ll charge after you full-boar, especially if it’s raining. Ruled by Venus, which strongly reflects the Sun, Taurus people don’t just like to shine, they like to be shined on. Bad moods disappear or at least dissipate once you get a Taurus in the sun (cue the sunscreen!).

These people love the finer things in life. Art, music, and anything else that spells beautiful, will make a Taurus happy. If you befriend a Taurus, she’ll be your amiga for life. Patient and sensual - and particularly drawn to touch - Taurus make for great lovers. Taurus women relish in their femininity and Taurus men relish in this type of woman. These people also talk a lot. If they were a body part, they’d be the throat. Shirley MacLaine is a Taurus. Ditto Shakespeare and George Clooney.

Your Taurus man must wear the pants in the family. He doesn’t mean to be sexist, it’s just that he is the ruler of his Empire. These bulls work hard to reach their successes and they won’t be undermined by anyone once they get there – even someone they love. They will, however, cherish the home you create for him – be that literally or figuratively. 

A Taurus man may be slow to anger, but take cover once he does. Being supremely loyal himself, nothing makes him angrier than betrayal. If you choose to go there, you won’t be invited back. Good with money, your Taurus will spare no expense to keep you safe and happy – and as tactile as he is, he will leave no part of you untouched. A word of warning: this man is not interested in the ice princess, so don’t bother applying for the job if you’re not willing to light his fire.

Gorgeous tips for the Taurus woman

We know it and you know it, so you might as well say it loud and clear: You are the earth nymphs. Like your male counterpart, you live to touch. Silks, cashmeres and pashimas should adorn you always. Lavish, yes. But you’re a master with money and you never rely on a man for the luxuries you need (and we mean need). Essentials like perfume, candles, castles - you’ll find a way to get all these yourself, thank you, without ever trading in your femininity to do so. 

It’s not that you are a prima donna, exactly, it’s just that in order for you to feel alive, you must be submerged in beauty. So don’t ever skimp on yourself, this will only make you sad. The Cubic Zirconium is your worst nightmare and you can smell a fake from a mile away. In fact, you can smell anything from a mile away. Your sense of smell is so advanced that if there were Rhode Scholarships for the Olfactory geniuses of the world, only the Taurus need apply. Perfume and scented creams are a must for you, and will bring out your most gorgeous happy mood. (Which, take it from those of us with Taurus women in our lives, is the only way you want a Taurus woman in yours.) Go ahead and indulge, Miss Bull. It is for the greater good, after all.

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