Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Long live the Leo-tard and why your Lion man needs to roar

Leo July 22- August 23

Ruled by the Sun.

Bottled sunshine, this is the Leo. In fact their ruling moon is the sun. That’s why your little Leo brother gets away with everything – not because he’s the favorite, but because his shine is bright enough to temporarily blind your parents, and well, just about anyone else.

If they were a candy, they’d be a lemon drop.

Leos tend to live in castles and drive Rolls-Royces. Or at least act like they do, or will, or might. Their confidence can be intimidating. But here’s the reason you want one as your best friend, main squeeze or gulp, sibling: they’d like nothing more than to take you along for the ride. The Sun brightens every planet in our solar system and like it or not, so do these Lions. Leos don’t just ask you to join in, they grab your hand and start pulling. The only thing that makes a Leo shine brighter is to have your cheery smile standing next to them - unless you humiliate them in public, in which case you better run while you still can.

Your Leo Leading Man will spare no expense to make you happy. Just be sure to flatter him along the way, without ever undermining him. There’s only one ruler in his den. Tend to his every need and you will forever be his queen. You will also discover that under all that mane, the Lion can be as shy as a lamb. They can also be funny (Steve Carell), and short (Napoleon). And it’s a safe bet that they’re some kind of leader (Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger). A Leo man is as romantic as he is influential and the last thing he wants is an indifferent woman. But always remember, a Lion needs to roar once in a while. So let him.

Gorgeous tips for the Leo woman Lights, camera, action! This is the Leo girl’s mantra. These women emanate elegance and their style can be infectious (Coco Chanel), even if they are painfully shy about it (Jacqueline Kennedy). They’ve also been known to singlehandedly keep the unitard alive (Madonna). As a Leo woman, you can pull off just about any look you want – as long as it’s elegant. Tiaras and furs (hopefully of the synthetic kind) fill your closet – and you are the rare woman who never sees them collect dust! When you were a little Leo, your favorite play-date was probably dress up – and frankly not much as changed. But you don’t just beautify yourself, you’ll bling-up your bff, family dog, or even, yes, your pesky little brother. 

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