Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gorgeous tips for the Cancer woman and why your crab man likes to cook

Cancer  June 21- July 22

Ruled by the Moon

Crabs have no backbone. They do, however, have claws - ones that will pinch the life out of their prey. And this too, describes the Cancer. Confrontation isn’t their strong suit  - unless they, or someone they love, is in danger. Then, just like the crab, they’ll charge at you full speed sideways. And once a Cancer gets her claws on you, watch out - there ain’t nuthin’ gonna’ to get her off.

Cancers, like their ruling Moon, reflect those around them. These people need to be exceptionally mindful of who they spend time with. Fortunately, Cancers are also the most intuitive sign of the Zodiac. They are hardwired to read minds. As long as they listen to their gut, they’ll know exactly who is trustworthy, and who is not. Those of you without claws be forewarned - you can't lie to this group.  

You can, however, hurt their feelings. Home is where their heart is and Cancers like to spend as much time there as possible. If you do happen to upset a Cancer, it’s best to leave a white peony on her doorstep and retreat. She’ll come out of her shell eventually and most likely forgive you (as long as you’re sincere –remember, she can tell). But watch what you feed these crabs. Cancers’ stomachs are as sensitive as their souls. Yes, this sign might come with some rules, but if you can weather their many moods, a Cancer in your corner will be the warmest part of your house.

Your Cancer man is a great cook – that’s why he’s always inviting you to dine at his house (no, it’s not because he’s cheap!). He may take his time deciding if you’re the one – but once you’ve been pinched he’ll have to be pried off of you. If this bothers you, there are plenty of other fish in the sea (like a Pisces, who’ll give you all the space you need!) But if you’re ready to be cherished, the crab is your man. It’s possible your Crab man is an artist (Rubens), novelist (Ernest Hemmingway), musician (Cat Stevens) or crazy (Robin Williams - we’re just kidding here. Never name-call a Cancer, he’s not apt to forget - or forgive). He may also be very peaceful (Nelson Mandela. The 14th Dalai Lama.) Or very bossy (Julius Caesar).

Gorgeous tips for the Cancer woman

As hard as her shell is, the crab woman is really all goopy inside. So while you undoubtedly like to layer – what you wear underneath should be soft and sensual. Your curves are your best feature - regardless of their size (Pamela Anderson is a crab), so never fear the belt! Fluid lines and flowing dresses – styles that move like water - will make you feel right at home. Choosing delicate accessories over large dramatic ones will keep your style light and free - unless it’s a diamond, in which case flaunt requirement is mandatory. Keep the rest of the jewelry to a minimum, however. If you put three accessories on, take two off.

And hey! Just because you’re motherly doesn’t mean you have to look matronly. Ever heard of the MILF? They’re talking about you, mamma crab! Whites and pastels are a good reflection of your ruling moon. If you must wear chakra-blocking black, try picking a shimmering fabric or one with sequins. With so much nurture in your nature, covering up your heart chakra with black is, well, kind of a bummer for the rest of us. A cancer woman can make the world a nicer place just by the power of her compassion alone. Princess Diana. Mary Magdalene. Marianne Williamson. Need we go on? And remember, a Cancer woman is never afraid to show off her feminine side because she knows that is where her true power lies.


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