Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gorgeous tips for the Gemini Woman

Gemini May 21- June 21

Ruled by Mercury

The twins. These people love a good practical joke. And being a double personality, it’s not all that hard for them to pull one off. Thanks to their Air element, the Gemini can move like the wind - disappearing and reappearing in the blink of an eye as a different person altogether. Needless to say, things can get a little confusing with these guys, so please don’t set your little sister up on a blind date with one.

It’s not entirely their fault. Gemini’s planetary ruler is Mercury and as any good Astronomy major knows (because we had to ask one), half the planet is dark while the other half reflects the sun. Your Gemini friend will be the one calling at 2 am to see if you want to go bungy jumping with her. Right now. In South Africa. Problem is, even if you’re known to settle down on a Saturday night with a good Thesaurus – you’ll be tempted to go. Gemini’s excitement is infectious. These people are the original multi-taskers. (By the way, never drive while Intextacated. That is so 2008).

If Gemini’s were a flavor, they’d be Peppermint. If they were an animal, they’d be a bird. If they were a Musical note, they would be E. If they were the darkest, most tattooed actress in Hollywood, they’d be Angelina Jolie. And if they were the most reserved mother hen actress in Hollywood, they’d be Angelina Jolie. Need we say more?

Your Gemini man is a chameleon. One night he’s Dr. Jekyll and the next he’s Mr. Hyde. Usually not indicative of a psychotic disorder (we can’t really say though, until we’ve met him), this is instead his core identity. Sound confusing? So’s he. One things for sure though, he loves to be the center of attention, half the time. Ever heard of Donald Trump or Paul McCartney? The Gemini man can’t remember how old he is. And who can blame him? One day he’s windsurfing the panama and the next he’s tucked into his lazyboy absorbed in the Sunday crossword puzzle. Don’t try to figure him out. Predicting what he’ll do next is nothing short of emasculating to this man. If you want to keep things going smoothly, you’ll need to have your bags packed and your calendar full at the same time. If you’re looking to break up with the Gemini man, start nagging –over anything and everything. That’s sure to send him running for the hills – where he’ll catch a copter for Tahiti.

Gorgeous Tips for the Gemini Woman

Half of you live to be the life of the party, and the other half prefers to stay home in your fuzzy socks - so dress like it! The gorgeous Gemini woman embraces a fashion dichotomy. Tailored pants with a glitzy halter top, miniskirt with your grandmother’s oversized turtleneck – your style should be anything that is, well, two styles rolled into one. Half of you might shimmer while the other half itches. One ear might sport a hoop and the other a dangle (ok, we’ve never seen this before but you could always start the fad). In order for you to feel complete, you must contrast. If you’re brave enough to pull off an asymmetrical hairstyle… go for it. Just remember, if you adhere to the regular rules, well, then you’ve wasted a good birth date. And send pics!

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